Available all year round, Kestrel potatoes make a great addition to just about any meal. Check out our top tips on how to properly cook and store your spuds.


Kestrels are perfect mashed, roasted, boiled or fried.

High in flavour, Kestrels keep their distinctive colour after cooking and make a super smooth mash. Tip: for a richer, creamier mash just add warm milk.

Always start with cold water when boiling potatoes. Leave the skin on and then peel it off after to lock in the key vitamins and minerals while they cook.

See our recipes for ideas on how to cook your Kestrel potatoes.


For maximum value, store Kestrels in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. They will keep at room temperature for approximately 7–10 days, and often longer over the winter months.

Ensure the potatoes have full air circulation by removing them from plastic bags and placing them in a basket or container that doesn’t trap any moisture.

Avoid storing your spuds in the fridge. The cold temperatures will convert their starches into sugar, causing them to become sweet and turn a dark colour when cooked.

Keep your potatoes clear from onions. The natural gas produced by onions can accelerate their decay.